• Basya Benshushan

What Businesses Can Learn From Bunnies

How did you come up with the identity for PinkCilantro?" Is something I get asked multiple times a week. Our logo is a cheeky bunny that represents competitive collaboration and purposeful hustle.

I knew it had to be a juxtaposition of unforgettable and meaningful when I began to brand PinkCilantro.

The basics of branding were nothing new to me at the time, I enjoy the challenge of building branding assets that speak to a big picture business vision. It’s like putting together a 15,000 piece jigsaw puzzle finding a seamless way to combine imagery, words and value that make up a final project of worth.

I knew PinkCilantro as an agency would be an extended reflection of my untraditional approach to raising my family and building businesses: getting my hands dirty by understanding what makes for winning collaborative outcomes, business infrastructure, finding out the real why, and being insightful with data to dictate a roadmap toward strategic immediate and long term wins.

To this day, I'm hyped up and passionate about examining the communications and infrastructure of a business to determine what is needed to scale and reach meaningful measurable wins.

There are so many timeless lessons learned through the iconic work of Lewis Carroll in Through The Looking Glass. The White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland has always spoken to me in a serious and playful way. He was the trigger for Alice. Through his frantic announcements around how “precious the time was/is” and the pain around “being late for specific events” led her to question her role and ultimately fulfill her purpose by pushing her out of her comfort zone to exercise her capabilities that led her to save Wonderland.

Perception is reality. Without knowing the purpose of your business, your why, your business won’t hit its audience in a momentous way allowing you to harvest long term business milestones. Beyond branding, the perception of your operations versus the reality of them is often what stands in the way of a business being able to operate strategically for the greater good of a company.

This led to a purposeful decision to make a rabbit a part of PinkCilantro’s branding. Not only because of the mindfulness that the rabbit in Wonderland represents, but also because rabbits in real life get the work done.

Rabbits produce, and they do so together. They breed three to four times each year. In a true dramatic sense of how wild the wild actually is, only 15 percent of baby rabbits make it to their first birthday.

Rabbits produce, and they do so together.

Let’s relay this metaphor to innovative concepts within business. Most organizations have ideas that don’t always come to life, but it’s still important to test them out in cost effective ways. It doesn’t matter if you sell a product or a service, it doesn’t matter if your target audience is B2B or B2C; what matters is that you continue to produce something people can and want to use repeatedly. Some will be hits, some will be misses. What matters is that you get it out into the wild, for the world to experience and provide feedback. Proof of concept, product launch, and customer feedback are simultaneous in our digital society (this is a topic I can expand on for days, we will table this for another time).

The rabbits that do survive beyond their first year create their own homes by tunneling into the ground. These tunnel systems are called warrens and include rooms for nesting and sleeping, and multiple entrances for quick escape.

Businesses survive and thrive relying on processes and operations - a tunnel system to conduct business to peak efficiency.

It’s something rabbits innately do, that humans don’t. Without operations management bringing processes to life, the organization is ultimately not conducting business to the best of its ability. Although in business, escapes are not necessarily quick, processes allow for a graceful transition that does not impact the production, culture, and bottom line negatively. Efficiencies can be learned from them - but the nuances needed to succeed are all on us.

Rabbits are very social creatures that live in large groups called colonies. At dusk and dawn they communicate and sense what needs to be done and go about assigning who gets it done.

Productivity and profitably in an company comes with the same emphasis on communication - both internally among the different levels of an organization, and externally in all marketing and messaging. Without it, a large group can easily work towards different goals and be misunderstood by the consumer, that ultimately impacts the bottom line.

With a lack of business momentum, it’s hard to feed your organization.

Unlike humans, rabbits don't get a lot of nourishment from their diet. There are desperate times where they sometimes eat the young to access any remaining nourishment that their digestive system may have missed.

Although this sounds harsh to correlate to business terms it is important to recognize the importance of paying attention to the data and reinvesting it to meet business objectives.

By not identifying and utilizing the insights that fuel business success businesses end up leaving a lot of money on the table.

With rabbit-like characteristics embedded into the culture of PinkCilantro our approach is to pay attention to the insights, asks the right questions and act swiftly to implement better solutions and campaigns to harvest long term business success.

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