• Basya Benshushan

How To Identify Your Best Customer

Updated: Dec 1, 2017

“We should use the A/B testing methodology a lot more than we do today.” simply said by Bill Gates. We’ve moved from print to digital in a very short period of time. In today’s thriving online universe, the modern-day consumer’s attention doesn’t stay consistent for long. It’s important to align your efforts with this fact. A/B testing; is the key to success in tracking your ideal consumer behaviors.

From head-turning landing pages, search and social ads, to email marketing campaigns that, it’s more important than ever to discover the most current ways to identify and turn your prospects into loyal, returning buyers.

However, A/B testing isn’t a straightforward process. Failure to initiate a high-value,

technically-sound campaign can cost you more in the long run. The most important thing is

to speak only to an audience of value. Thousands of businesses worldwide waste

hundreds of thousands of dollars by advertising to an audience that’s too wide, and not

focused enough. For example, if you’re selling a video game, you would want to identify and target mostly males between 15-45 with a specific behavior set. If you’re reach is too wide, you will only waste money on people who are not interested in what you have to offer.

If you can get to a stage where you understand how to test multiple elements against one

another, you’ll gain more insight as to how to increase your conversion rates. You don’t

need to get it perfect every time. It’s an ongoing learning process, and sometimes, you’ll

succeed, other times, you’ll learn what to improve upon. As long as you are tracking the metrics you will always walk away with data to reinvest back into your efforts.

A/B testing is nothing new. It’s called “Controlled Experimentation” and dates back a long

time. In today’s world, it’ should no longer be optional. It’s the most efficient way to collect proof of concept, customer and market insight.

There are usually two elements: Control, and variation. Control is the first page/element

you’ve designed. Variation challenges the control. There’s usually only a small difference

between them, such as coloring, wording and positioning. It’s important to always use an

estimated range when calculating the conversion rate.

Remember: A solid plan equips you with the tools you need to measure results effectively

over time. Once you’ve mapped one out, you’ll have a great foundation to reel in relevant leads, making the right offer to the right people.

It’s vital to cover every testable element. Brainstorm ideas, and test things that you and

your team think show potential. Ensure results are significant. Observe what works and

what doesn’t. Most prominently, review your business objective. What is your goal? To

increase your email sign-up rate? To boost your click-through rate?

Whatever the case, A/B testing has the power to change the future of your business,

provided you’re targeting the right audience. And remember: There are no magic numbers.

Math is math, not magic. It’s not about how many conversions you have, but rather having

sufficient data to validate, based on samples and behavior.

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