• Basya Benshushan

A New Year Reflection - Will You Suit Up?

As we consider this previous year and get ready for the one up and coming, Rosh Hashanah reminds me resoundingly: "This world is run by a Higher Power, and together we can choose to harvest powerful outcomes!”

Intuitively, we all understand that we have the ability to change the world. It’s up to each and every one of us to sync up (get woke...) with the understanding that not only do our everyday and every minute actions already change the world, but it is up to every individual to decide how they will suit up with this ability (technically responsibility) and understand on a deep level that if we work collaboratively we will change the world with greater speed and IMPACT. But how do we ignite these inner fires, and most importantly, how do we find the right causes for us to throw ourselves into? Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, would frequently quote the Maimonidean adage: “Each person should see himself as though the entire world is in delicate balance and, with but one deed, he or she can tip the scales for good.” Every good act, every expression of kindness and love, germinates the world with change be it positive or negative.

Let us each do our share. For this New Year, I want to throw out a little challenge. Declare your strength and opportunity. Focus on laying the steps it will take to fuel this fire inside. Identify who you can trust to hold you accountable and work together to make your magic shine with more profound importance.

May the Higher Power grant you and your loved ones a year filled with light, delight and every blessing, and peace and tranquility for our entire world.

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